"Touch Art" by KKF at galery Maud Barral

on the occasion of the new hanging from the collection

Presentation of four pieces of jack-of-all art, that affects and relates to.

1st April- 20 may 2014

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, saturdy from 10:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 19:00


Connectif KKF / Keskon Fabrique

« The » Lawnmower, 2014

Floor lamp in plexiglass bulb, synthetic feathers, Manual lawn mower, metallic base
Top. 230 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm
7000 €

« We must cultivate our garden. », We advise Voltaire in Candide.

At the time of the bio and eco-citizenship, the bobos and other hypsters erected gardening – Garden preferably – in fad, but responsible ... ah, good bein !
What was once a chore to live today becomes a hobby !
With « The » Lawnmower, KKF, still registered in his time, You can practice gardening indoors, in your living room, with its grass that is not some – guaranteed without any pesticide – and its manual crank – warranty without fossil energy !
Beyond irony for a nature-friendly craze that he presents here in sound to the endianness, connectif KKF / Keskon Fabrique questions the cynicism of the "sphere" sanitized at a time when, larger scale, This is the land that one grinds from the inside, in good conscience, in full transparency.


Connectif KKF / Keskon Fabrique

Le cheval des trois, homage to Homer, 2013

Wood, metal plate
114 cm x 120 cm x 26 cm
3000 €

Le cheval des trois, designating the three founding members of the KKF, will allow them to enter the world of art without anyone realizing it, like Homer's horse that enabled Achilles to pass the impassable Trojan gates. The impregnable Troy is today for most artists the opaque and mysterious art market. In front of this nebulous uncertainty, the horse of the three moves forward transparently and with a light tone. Where Homer's horse was counting on its massive characteristic and trick, those of the KKF bases its approach on the evidence, that of its simplicity and accessibility, and the affirmed full consciousness of the opponent’s nature.

This sculpture is part of "works to touch., participatory, connective KKF, Since the public is invited to implement the movement, by pressure on spine which will launch the animal at a gallop : This animated horse symbolizes the rapid progression of some artists, but also the quick turn over in the artistic sphere, the race to success and embodies the need for artists to go always forward.

Based on the spectator's involvement, the ingenuity of the manoeuvre of the three horse to enter the world of art is to seek recognition on the side of the public.


Connectif KKF / Keskon Fabrique

Télé réalités (TV realities), 2014

Old wood television set, glass and metal, moss, skai, upholstery nails, LEDs
70 cm x 70 cm x 70 cm
5000 €

The overused term of "Reality television" here takes, in the title of the work, another meaning with the plural translating the crossroad between various realities : the image of oneself, the image we want to present, the image that we think we have in another's gaze, the image that the others have of us…

The sculpture Télé réalités (TV realities) questions, with its games using a mirror and a screen the public can enter, the narcissist show the individualist society in which we are living encourages us to give our lives, at a time when "building buzz" seems to have become essential.

This absurd search, self centered and sclerosing, locks us up : Télé réalités (TV realities) We happe (("zaps us")), while we penetrate it or reflect in it, and we turn around in its small padded box which, Despite the aesthetics of its materials and the elegance apparent his white skai, borders on the universe of insanity.
The insanity of being dictated by toxic and varied media what we must say, what we must eat, think, we must be, the stupefaction to lose oneself in an existence solely virtual, the absurdity of not remembering that there is only one reality, the real life, outside the box.


Connectif KKF / Keskon Fabrique

Armchair RN7, 2014

Old car seat chassis, mattress springs, neckties
Top. 77 cm x 90 cm x 60 cm
1800 €

The base of this Chair has been braided ties, resulting from the collection of one and the same person having assembled them during a lifetime, as was savings to afford his first car or leave.
Armchair RN7 refers to the 2CV and the national road 7 that holidaymakers first used, embodying the beginning of vacation.
The warmth of this patchwork, offering a soft seat vibration and shaking of the car, and feet in Bell-Bottoms recalls a time, one of the first vacation, to discover douce France, some guinguettes and small places to the obsolete charms.

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