Art temptation - Villefranche-sur-mer - KKF

Art temptation – Villefranche-sur-mer – KKF

The connective KKF/Keskon factory participates in the exhibition ART TEMPTATION in the Citadel of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Go to the stand 84 where will be presented a selection of works and lighting art design by KKF, as well as in the Volti Court with the installation The paradise of light of the KKF, Thanks to the patronage of the company RAGNI, Cagnes.

Art & Antique : new generation

Come and visit us from 3 to 6 September 2015 in the Citadel of Villefranche-sur-Mer. We'll be in the side more 150 professional artists, galleries and antique shops of luxury.

Theme of the fair : Sculptures / Facilities / Contemporary photographs / Professional Art galleries / Antique shops of luxury.



KKF exhibition at the Art temptation show folder 2015
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Schedules :
Art temptation will open its doors from 10: 00 to 22: 00.
5 Euro pass 3 days – Free for the less of 12 years.

Facilities :
-> Premieres of works and art installations with light fixtures from urban entrepreneurship Ragni recycling parts, Cagnes, by connective KKF ( Keskon Fabrique) : the paradise of light of the KKF.
-> Street art : live performance
-> Workshop to learn how to sculpt by Christophe Jean-white
-> Workshop ceramic for children by Karine Gervasi with the support of the giant of
Fine Art.
-> Contemporary interactive installation with the public by TROPE in the fireplace room.
-> Exhibitions of contemporary drawings by the collective the kettle.
-> Installations of monumental sculptures in the course the artist Richard MAS Volti.
-> Photographic performance by Olivier Baudoin
-> Support the artist villefranchois Lucas Bernardeschi in the gardens of the rose garden

But still…The greatest artists of the STREET ART of the French scene with the Berthéas Gallery

Hungry for, on-site service of fast food organic and ethical as well as a Champagne with Château Lamartine Bar.





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Contact KKF : Marie Nicola : [email protected] : 06 84 08 97 56