Emergency exit

2012 / Ephemeral œuvre situ – Nice, France / Paring of concrete wall, gravas, aerosol, plates of emergency exits / 30 m²

On the occasion of the end of the world announced for the 21.12.2012, connective KKF has created, under the artistic cabaret 'until the end '., organized on that day by the Nice contemporary art BOTOX network(S) abandoned in a local, a work in situ from the skinning of a wall.

Appeared on the concrete forms have inspired artists to human silhouettes, outlined in a green path, and lighted by a multitude of plates of emergency exits, illustrating the fatal for humanity, right in the wall, announced by the inca prophecy.

In the spirit of connection that characterizes, the KKF, not without humour, has given to the silhouettes the names of many art professionals with whom they have worked.