The origin of the foul

2014 / Digital photo, digital broadcasting

The humor sometimes and gladly schoolboy of connective Keskon factory is not deceived the Viewer on what critical and demonstrative of KKF. The intrinsic vocation of art is not the beauty as we might commonly believe it since his oldest classic but it is a mirror above all things and what is. And if art is most often the point of view of its author, It also has the vocation to bring just as much the look of the Viewer to query his mind or inform it to cause his knowledge and his opinion.

If the origin of world of Gustave Courbet is censored on most used social networks, the origin of the foul by KKF was thought to not be or in any case to spend the maximum of barriers of censorship. What is the difference between these 2 creations and that is nudity that makes that a good number of artists cannot produce their creations on social networks. Is there really a difference between the body of the woman and the man who for the same exhibition is that one will be censored and the other not?