Palm Bling Bling

2012 / Piano strings, mattress springs, concrete iron rods, gold painting / h. 190cm x l. 70cm

This Palm is part of a series of trees planted in the garden of the KKF connective that represent a metaphor for our relationship to the world. Each of them systematically offers a double reading, positive or negative, as to remind what is always the choice of the look that it deals with things and that everything comes from our way of life that surrounds us.

Ironic nod to the palms of the French Riviera, Palm Bling Bling, made from raw and spent materials – Piano strings, mattress springs, concrete iron rods – but obviously covered painting gold, symbolizes the cynicism of our society that, in full crisis, trying to save appearances. This is a first interpretation, criticism and pessimistic.

But this work also offers another look, optimist this time : the slender trunk of the Palm and its whimsical Palm, potentially agitated by the wind, express a vital force, enthusiastic and fresh, in the same way that the offspring of Palm embodies the renaissance across the rust and deterioration.

This artwork, by its multiple possibilities of analyses and feelings, Thus returns the Viewer to the responsibility of his gaze and his report things and life.