The world upside down

2009 – 2011 / Photographic prints in limited series / Series 8 photographs / Variable dimensions
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These photographs are taken from the series the world upside down, performed during a night out in the neighborhood of the Keskon factory workshop.

The principle is to use what the street offers, especially in situations that finds : Alpine clubs generating the transformation of strips of pedestrian crossing in pair of skis, made synthetic fur beard or wig to give birth to the presenter of TV Appeal1 or the crazy clunky vice-principal of a sudden painful foot a plot of beton2, drying rack changed lyre for troubadour, shopping cart market become golfeur3 bag, barbecue grill turning into racket "Pite No class", a cone of red plastic hat worn by the dwarf of the Republic, hidden between the tri-color cars.

This Situationism first-degree, of staging immediately found or that interpretation, record of performance and photography which Immortalizes it.