2013 / Toasting, concrete iron, tent rods, spot / h. 275 cm x Ø 30 cm

Cypress questions the boundary between art and design.

The feature of this lamp is erased by the artistic dimension of the inversion of the relationship between light and shade it offers. The slender shape, carved in the rusty fence, contains light until its burst in a bright point identified a flurry of shadows.

Creating a negative light, This lamp turns out to be doubly paradoxical : projecting a kind of black hole, It produces the shadow, which proves itself light.

The black ceiling Recalling its texture projection a charcoal drawing strengthens the symbol of a sun shining in the night.

Cypress is part of the series of the trees of the KKF, incentive to renew our gaze on everyday things. A raw material, plagued by rust, brightness buried, may arise the unexpected beauty of a glow in the night. Just lifting his eyes to heaven to collect it, to rise, whether detach from reality first to access a luminous poetry released contingency.