The kiss of the diver

2013 / Cylinder and metal parts, Springs, articulated arm aluminum, glass globe / h. 180 cm x Ø 60 cm

The kiss of the diver embodies the Art Design of KKF.

If its functionality of luminaire is obvious, aesthetics and harmony make it a piece of art. This piece so asserts itself as a useful sculpture, dear to the Lalannes, by the softness of its rounded, by alternating matte and shiny colour, by the game's contents become benevolent, and by the contrast between the massive character of the piece and the lightness of the light that it broadcasts, incorporated by its evocative title.

Inspiration even of this piece is an artistic approach : artists are here, against all odds, a nod to Captain Cousteau, one of the founding fathers of the scuba, recalled by the actual shape of the suspension, with his Red cap and the articulated arm of the Calypso. There still, the reference to this popular personality says the willingness of artists to offer an art within a tangible common culture.