The tree jellyfish Medusens

2012 / Street lights glass lanterns, threaded rods, cast iron, sprinklers, grit sponges, Neon, phosphorescent paint, Timer / H. 180 cm x Ø 150 cm

This mi-palmier mi-meduse sculpture emits light, sometimes through his trunk of glass illuminated from the inside, sometimes with its phosphorescent branches.

This back and forth is based on a timer that switches off the trunk, plunging the sculpture in the darkness to the illuminated visual effect of phosphorus on the branches, which evokes the glimmerings of jellyfish and
plankton in the night.

The poetry of this piece is born from the gap between the triviality of the objects used, sponges in filings, and the grace of rendering, which perfectly illustrates the transcendence of daily by the diversion, characteristic of the work of the artists.