2013 / Command / Suitcase crocodile leather from 1920, cast iron bathtub feet, toasting, aluminium, fur synthetic / H. 280 cm x l. 100 cm x p. 25 cm

Wall sculpture Krokodeal responds to the command of collectors who had a trunk in the years crocodile 1920 and who wished to see it transform in work of art. Inspired by what the artists knew of their journey, Krokodeal tells a story that goes to the heart of a crocodile trunk.

The story of a male with long teeth Muncher of women that ends not so evil ! A baby crocodile out of a devouring mother trunk which, Once tanned skin, has been tame by a high Lady in colors, surprising and sparkling, in the hollow of which he found a refuge of nature. Krokodeal belongs to the ' Touch'art ' of KKF because the Viewer is invited to open the trunk to arise the crocodile head, such an IMP in box spring-mounted.