The PoulpO

2014 / Feet of steel stool, the fuel heater strapping, wood and synthetic hair brush, paint / H. 135 cm x l. 100 cm x p. 50 cm

El Poulpo, Octopus tap dancer, head hollow-shaped O topped with a bristle brush, draws its inspiration from the popular world of cartoons and is part of the bestiary of connective KKF claiming its share of childlike imagination.

This Octopus dancing offer by its imbalance a jubilant vibration, What can the viewer himself set in motion, as "work to touch" under the 'Touch art' of the KKF.

But beyond his fantasy, He is ready to embark on a ballet / brushes to clean our polluted seas. The contrast of the composition, between the vacuum and the multitude, reveals the purity of the mission and the amount of work to provide.

Poulpo is alive :