Friday 9 and Saturday 10 may 2014, It is the great course of contemporary art with the network by night Botox[S].

Keskon factory is pleased to open his Studio for the occasion and show you both its workspace in a situation as well as some of its latest creations.

For the seventh edition of this art trail, more than 40 places are put to contribution which will host both exhibitions as performance artists and music groups from 15 time to 10 p.m. during the 2 days. There is throughout the entire city and the principle is to go to their encounter that can help regardless of the meaning of the proposed route.

The great closing night will take place on Saturday 10 may from 22 h to Castel beach with A JAM and Washing Majazzz.

The evening visitors is a completely free to access organized by the contemporary art network Botox[S].

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