L ’ art home (or not) in boxes

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KKF scalable exhibition in three parts.

Acte I : Vernissage – concert, 25 September, 19 h
Acte II : Vernissage – shooting performatif, 23 October, 19h
Happy End : finissage – performances dansées, 27 November, 19h

Joinery, 116 boulevard de la Madeleine 06000 NICE


L & rsquo; exposure S(c(h))ieurs of the KKF Joinery : l & rsquo; s back (or not) in boxes presents an overview of the creation of KKF its diverse fields & rsquo; phrase makes unclassifiable.
Artists connective hardly come in boxes and claim the. What matters, pleasure, which wants communicative, and gait “From nothing and build” whether the & rsquo; s, de l’art design, worlds, de la photo… Far from being limited in any classification, they themselves blur the lines between art and design art by questioning endlessly the boundary between the disciplines.

For You my Favorite Clothe - Pascal

Act 2, For You my Favorite Clothe – 23 October 2015, 18h, Joinery

So hard to follow ! and c & rsquo; is precisely as it amuses connective… and which reads the title of & rsquo; exposure, almost unreadable, triple provocative sense : sawyers (Of wood) for joinery ; Sieurs, For Guys ; the chieurs for troublemakers around in circles that KKF is aware of representing within the local art scene.
Far from offended us, we mean business and are even more satisfied, since that reservation can not better serve our vocation to change the ratio to the & rsquo; s : see question the fact that KKF producing any of & rsquo; art can not really make us happier !

D & rsquo; & rsquo where d & rsquo art enter, or not, in boxes !
This essential question gives its shape to the & rsquo; scalable exhibition in three stages that artists, invited by the joinery to present an overview of their work, have chosen to create. There will be an Act I, Act II and a Happy End as the KKF you like to tell stories ! History precisely to create links…
L’Acte I, starting the 25 September, will offer an overview of the different creative fields Keskon Factory.
Leaving the suspense up & rsquo; to 23 October (you will stand the blow ??), l & rsquo; Act II you will stage through d & rsquo; a photographic exhibition.
Le Happy End du 27 November will, en guise de conclusion festive, in & rsquo; & rsquo image of; spirit connective, whose & rsquo; & rsquo goal is; to learn not to get into the boxes, but rather to continue not to take seriously.

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Press kit - S(c(h))ieurs of the KKF Joinery
Press kit - S(c(h))ieurs of the KKF Joinery
Expo record - S(c(h))ieurs the KKF in .pdf Joinery
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