KKF : Keskon does what ?

In the context of March to museums, Keskon factory gave a conference at the Villa Arson. Here you will find this conference on video and learn who founded KKF.


KKF : Keskon does what ?

In the context of March to museums, Marie Nicola Conference, Project Manager, David Galimant and Nicolas Pennaneac'h, artists
Villa Arson, 18 March 2014, 18 h

On the occasion of March to museums, on the metamorphosis theme, Connective KKF / Keskon factory is asked by the student organizers of the event to present his approach and his work at the Villa Arson Tuesday 18 March to 18 h.

This conference, who will be the opportunity to thank all those who have invested in this unifying project for ad hoc aid or regular, present the creation of connective KKF, covering the three fields of art, design art and the creation of universe, questioned in their limit, still from the collection of objects and materials and their diversion. Revealing their raw aesthetics, artists, giving a new life to objects no longer needed. The change of look to which they invite is part of their artistic approach : it induces an interaction with the public, that thus enters directly into the proposal of artists and reveals his own creative dimension.

The originality of this participatory human approach holds the proposal of a new report in the art, simplified and reintegrated into life. The "connective"., It is thus the idea of an art to human dimension, an art that relies on daily it makes smile for better we touch. Connective, This is the introduction of art in life and life in art. Is the idea to know that it has the possibility of turning his gaze on things, to beautify our vision of life in our own way : It has the ability to deconstruct for rebuild, for better living in 'connectivity' with life.

Practical information :

Workshop Keskon factory
3 Rue Molière
06100 Nice
Facebook : Keskon Fabrique

Contact : Marie Nicola / 0684089756 / [email protected]


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