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David Galimant & Nicolas Pennaneac'h ' h

David Galimant & Nicolas Pennaneac'h ' h

The KKF connective / Keskon Fabrique bases its work on the collection and the diversion of raw materials, become unnecessary, in view of giving them a second life, and change the spectator’s look on what is surrounding him. The creative gesture starts in the gaze of the one who can see.
The meeting with the material, born out of chance and inspiration, guides the artists of the KKF connective who navigate between art and design. The dance with the object gives birth to the orientation of a production between these two fields of creation, they imbricate and influence each other, questioning the limit between the disciplines. The matter, at the heart of the production, kept in its rough aspect like a trace of the object’s history, enters in audacious and singular compositions revealing its soul and esthetics.

The design of the KKF is defined as "Art Design", producing unique works by definition, and offers unusual lights and furniture, born out of a collection of atypical objects, worked for the strength of their material, for the aesthetics of their shapes and their new use.

The artistic creation of the KKF, coming out of street finds, is directly connected to its time, both in the approach and in the found objects, and answers the systematic challenge to « start from nothing and build ! ». It is on this principle that they work on their sculptures, installations, as well as their photographs, made during « aper'artists », some performance shootings of improvised productions.
The KKF connective thus conceives pieces of works and atypical, immediate universes, claiming a reading closeness with the public. The change of perspective the artists suggest is part of their artistic approach : it leads to an interaction with the spectator, who thus directly enters the artistic proposal and reveals its own creative dimension. The originality of this participative human approach contributes to the definition of a new connection with art, simplified and reintegrated into life.

Inviting to a new artistic and human adventure, Keskon Fabrique defines itself as a « connectif », carried out by two artists, David Galimant and Nicolas Pennaneac'h, Marie Nicola, in charge of projects and writing, and three other members, and by the wish to renew the relationship with art by giving birth to a link, a “connection”, between art, people and daily life. Name Keskon factory derives itself from the street, both inspirational source and place of investigation, with passersby wondering, in front the workshop of 3 Rue Molière (North Nice), « But what do they do (Mais qu'est-ce qu'ils fabriquent?) ? » !

Marie Nicola, Member of the connective KKF / Keskon Fabrique.

Curriculum Vitae of KKF


Nicolas, David and Mary : The 3 founders of KKF

Nicolas, David and Mary : The 3 founders of KKF

Artists : David Galimant and Nicolas Pennaneac'h

Their approach is based on the pleasure they have to create and they seek to share. Their universe offer, who takes the time to get into their world, a sensory delight to the object, matter and convene a simply human pleasure, What makes their accessible art.

They affect the public, without taking seriously, unpretentious, and especially without going into the posture of the artist, by inviting rather the public itself to enter into the process of creating.

The coordination : Marie Nicola

Marie Nicola has a role of producer, in charge of coordinating projects, programming, Office of the Commissioner of exhibitions, the development of the work of the artists by mediation, writing on their creation, communication, the promotion and dissemination.

The spirit of the connective KKF / Keskon Fabrique

In “connective, There are collective and connection.

The collective, This is the opening to the other artists, any discipline confused, and also that more General to another, every day people, what the KKF is entering his productions, by the place granted to the viewer and its potential.

The connection, It is the goal : to create a link between things, people, the differences. This connection passes by the pleasure they take away objects, the images and usages of the daily, and they seek to make us feel through an urban poetry in which the mundane and the useless find new life.

The "connective"., It is the idea of an art to human dimension, based on the daily smile for better we touch. Connective, This is the introduction of art in life and life in art.

The spirit of connective, inviting them to a human and artistic adventure, is to create a connection with the public that passes through a change of report to the art by proposing to revert to a living art, experience, collectively and festive. Inviting them to a change of look at things that surround us, the KKF offers a participatory art where public interlocutor is asked to enter into the proposal of artists and reveals himself to his creator turn. Far from the sacralization of art requiring codes and knowledge, the public is contrary to the heart of creation and thus valued in his own creative dimension.

In theory :

In real :

Folder presentation KKF 2015
Folder presentation KKF 2015
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